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The stories and legends of the wild, wild west often include gunslingers and shoot outs, sheriffs and Texas Rangers. Everyone recognizes the names Winchester, Remington and Colt, and has heard stories of the Native American’s mastery of the bow and arrow, and for over 25 years William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody toured the world with his Wild West Show where cowboys and Indians demonstrated their skills with rifles, pistols and bow and arrows.


Today, K3 Ranch offers guests an opportunity to step back in time and try their hand at western marksmanship. K3 provides a certified instructor, a large array of firearms, and an on-site shooting range. Here’s what Day Ranching with Marksmanship looks like:


Firearms safety instruction


Fun in shooting is our goal but not without safe handling of firearms first! All shooters will begin with extensive firearm safety lessons that will include safe handling of each firearm, proper loading and unloading, correct aiming techniques, and firing instruction provided by certified instructors.


Choose Your Weapon!


Here at K3 Ranch we have a wide variety of firearms, each with their own unique firing characteristics. Gun choices include a 12 gauge shotgun, 22 caliber rifle, a large bore rifle, and a 45 caliber pistol.


Head to the Shooting Range


K3 Ranch’s private shooting range is the perfect spot to spend a couple of hours practicing your marksmanship. Choose from several types of rifles and handguns to get a feel for each weapon. There is an excitement and anticipation every time you shoot a different type of firearm.


$79 per adult (2 person minimum) | $49 children under 10


Questions about Day Ranching and Marksmanship? Pick up the phone and call Head Wrangler Jerry Kinkade toll free at 888.587.2080, or send an e-mail to for details and to make reservations.