Day Ranch & Mustang Tour

Day Ranching & Wild Mustang Tours




Here’s what Day Ranching with K3 Guest Ranch looks like


Let’s start with breakfast at 8:00 am sharp! Enjoy our Cowboy Breakfast featuring Barbed Wire Bacon or Squeezed Pig (sausage), Flattened Chicken (eggs), Sheepherder Spuds, buttermilk or sourdough pancakes with syrup, fruit, and other yummy choices along with real loose brewed coffee - just like the old time trail cooks used to make!  Our morning breakfast menu changes each day. Breakfast is cooked outdoors over an open fire and served on our breakfast patio (weather permitting of course).


Time to meet Stormy & Zip! After breakfast take a short walk to the horse corrals where you’ll meet Stormy & Zip – K3′s trick horses. You’ll have a chance to interact with the horses and watch as Jerry has them shake hands, lie down, sit up like a dog and give a kiss, and lift each hind leg on his voice command.


Watching Wild Mustangs is up next! The wild mustangs of McCullough Peaks are just a few short minutes away and are a “must see”. View these wild horses up close and personal in their natural habitat. Lean the history of this unique wild horse herd, and their link to Buffalo Bill Cody.


Lunch and Relaxation are in order! It’s back to the ranch where you’ll pick up your bandana lunch and go for a hay wagon ride around the ranch and across the creek for a relaxing picnic alongside the creek. Skip rocks, read a good book, lay back and watch the clouds, or catch a quick nap. Relaxation is the name of the game!


Western fun and games! Head back to the lodge where you can fish from the K3 bridge, throw horse shoes, hike Meditation Hill for quiet time at the Indian Meditation chair, wildlife watch, and enjoy the peace and quiet of K3 Guest Ranch Bed & Breakfast, or rest and relax on the K3 garden patios.


$79 per adult (2 person minimum) | $49 children under 10


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