Survival School

K3 Ranch Defensive Living & Survival Course


Cody, Wyoming sits in the heart of the American west, surrounded by acres of uninhabited public lands and vast wilderness areas available for every kind of imaginable outdoor experience. K3 Guest Ranch owner Jerry Kinkade has lived his entire life in the great outdoors of Wyoming. Fire building, outdoor cooking, handling firearms, and roaming the wild areas of Wyoming are second nature to him.


Always looking for new and exciting ways to share his experiences, Jerry has developed a hands-on, action packed, Defensive Living and Survival Course based here at the K3 Guest Ranch.


This three day course will teach practical lifesaving skills that may be used to survive life’s most challenging and sometimes intimidating, daunting and frightening situations. Informative learning sessions are combined with hands on outdoor field exercises where skills can be tested on the spot.


Activities include:

  • Fire arms orientation, safety and shooting instruction, including archery – followed by shooting practice at the K3 Guest Ranch shooting range.
  • Introduction to basic emergency first aid – followed by patient assessment, bandaging, and splinting exercises.
  • Introduction to basic survival kit contents – followed by outdoor practice of emergency fire building, shelter construction, and emergency food and water preparation.
  • Compass reading, map reading, and GPS location finding – followed by outdoor trekking where skills are immediately put to use in navigating and locating positions.
  • Treasure hunt using new knowledge.
  • Final evening campfire cookout and award presentations.
  • Marshmallow roast and story telling seated around our cozy fire pit, 3rd evening.
  • Noontime lunches included.


$450 per person | minimum of 2 people | Please call for larger group rates 888-587-2080


Meet the K3 Survival School Instructors


Kirk Waggoner - Deputy Sheriff, Cody, Wyoming


Cody Wyoming Survival SchoolKirk Waggoner is a retired 38-year veteran Deputy Sheriff for Park County, Wyoming and has 40 years experience in managing search and rescue training and operations. He served 4 years in the U. S. Navy and is a Viet Nam Veteran. Kirk is a Life Member of the National Association for Search And Rescue and served two years on the NASAR Board of Directors. He was also an Emergency Medical Technician for 7 years and served 13 years as a volunteer fire fighter. Kirk was the Cody Fire Chief in 1980. He has completed scores of SAR, law enforcement and emergency management courses at every level and assisted in the development of FEMA’s Mass Fatality Incident Response Course and NASAR’s Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) Text.


Kirk and his wife Linda have developed dozens of SAR training courses which they teach around the mountain west including a Basic SAR course at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. Kirk has trained over 9,000 SAR and law enforcement students in more than 7,000 training hours. During his SAR career he has participated in approximately 1,500 SAR incidents, often as Incident Commander or Operations Section Chief.


Linda Wagner - Owner, “Specialty Training”


Linda’s involvement with emergency response began in 1980. Currently she helps train Search and Rescue resources throughout Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and Colorado. ‘Specialty Training’, a company founded to develop, implement and instruct programs, workshops & courses to enhance the knowledge of emergency responders is co-owned with her husband, a deputy sheriff.


Linda has assisted in the development and presentation of numerous Search and Rescue training courses throughout Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Yellowstone National Park. Currently holding certification to instruct courses in Search Management, Mass Fatality Incident Response, Incident Command System, Critical Incident Stress Management, Basic Map and Compass, Man-Tracking, ELT Location, Basic Low and High Angle Evacuation, Basic White Water Rescue & Hug A Tree (a survival program for children). Many of these courses are P.O.S.T. certified in Wyoming and Montana. Linda has been certified (and held an instructor certification) in the Outdoor Emergency Care Course for ski patrol, the Wyoming EMT program, Wilderness Associates Wilderness First Responder and has been an instructor in CPR and First Aid for 25 years.


Ray Maple - aka Tom O’Day

Wyoming Survival School | Cody Wyoming

Ray Maple is a Wyoming native. Ray has been married to his wife Jackie for 39 years and has two grown children. During his working years Ray held positions as police chief, deputy sheriff, fireman and EMT. After retiring Ray found his true passion working as a Wyoming historian and western re-enactor. Acting as Park County, Wyoming’s Cowboy Ambassador Ray portrays the notorious Tom O’Day, himself a Park County resident in the early 1800′s.

Ray is a member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and an active member with the National Rifle Association, and a long-time shooter with the Cowboy Action Shooting club.


Ranch Owner Jerry Kinkade

Cody Wyoming | Survival SchoolK3 Guest Ranch Bed & Breakfast owner, Jerry Kinkade, is a native of Cody, Wyoming.  Jerry graduated for the University of Wyoming, then returned to his hometown to become an integral part of the community.

Jerry has handled guns all of his life, and for him gun safety comes first when introducing folks to handling and shooting for the first time.